We are asking all participants to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your event. Everyone will be required to sign a "Liability Form" before participating in this great combine. Once that is done, we will place you on your team. Please make sure you dress according to the weather. Also, make sure you bring your "shin guards and some water". Remember, the Colleges Coaches are here to see you play. So, go out there and have fun and let the game come to you.

Good Luck,





                      SPACE IS LIMITED / FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE !!!

The DFW College Combine uses a different format from other combines. We find it best to play 8v8 on a half of field. This assures that all the players will get plenty of chances to touch the ball. It also shows the college coaches the fast decision making skills of each field players and plenty of shots for the goalkeepers. Each player will receive a colored numbered vest to coordinate with the coaches package that will be available for all college coaches in attendance. This Combine is for current High School student and anyone who has graduated.

                                                                                  32 FEMALE PLAYERS                32 MALE PLAYERS
                                                                                    28 FIELD PLAYERS                  28 FIELD PLAYERS

                                                                                      4 GOAL KEEPERS                     4 GOAL KEEPERS

                                              "DON'T BE THE ONE THAT GETS LEFT OUT"

          ***** FYI *****

If you are a player or parent wondering if you have to register for the Arlington showcase in order to participate in this combine, the answer is "NO". However, this combine does allows all the coaches who are attending the showcase a sneak peak and their 100% attention on you. If you are on a team at any level or maybe you graduated last year, this is a great opportunity to get seen by many colleges coaches. lf you are serious about playing college ball, you can not afford to miss out. The DFW College Combine levels the playing field for all players.


This combine will consist of (32) girls and (32) boys​ so each of those player will get more watch time from college coaches. It will be like their very own private session. Players and family will have access to valuable information on recruitment, expectations, and academic requirements for building a successful college application. Let's not forget the chance of getting a scholarship offer on the spot.


With just two fields to watch, college coaches will be able to recruit efficiently at the DFW College Combine.  As a prequel to the weekend's Arlington Soccer Showcase tournament, the Combine allows college coaches to easily pack a lot of recruiting into a short window, and means the rest of the weekend can be less stressful and more productive.



All players that register before November 29th, will receive a free

T-shirt. When registering for the combine, please make sure you add you T-shirt size, this is a $15.00 value.

Please keep in mind, that the spots fill-up early, do not wait to register. This combine was a complete sell out last year.

​Hope to see you there!!!

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Our priority is the health and safety of all participants. Our staff, players, coaches, and spectators will follow guidelines as detailed by the state of Texas and local health officials. All state required guidelines will be followed regarding youth sports operators and confirmed COVID-19 positive cases. Please reference current state guidelines HERE. • All staff are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette. • Staff are screened daily for any of the following signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19, and symptomatic individuals are not permitted onsite

On October 5, 2015, Arlington Soccer Association and DFW College Combine joined forces and made a promise to help players get into college. Since that partnership, we have helped hundreds of male and females players reach their dream of playing college ball. With the great help of Arlington Soccer Association,  DFW College Combine is one of the top two combines in the area, averaging 35 college/university coaches in attendance.  

Our combine is all about letting the players come in and play for non-stop. There are no lines drills and no standing around, everything is fast paced and plenty of action. The coaches in attendance love to see the speed of play. If you are truly looking to get to the next level, this is a great opportunity you can not afford to pass up.

DFW College Combine

As a former University soccer coach for both the men and women's program, I have learned that not all players get the same opportunity to gain exposure. Some can not or they lack the resources and the support to get noticed. It is for this sole reason, that in 2015, I have made a commitment to help those players, get the same opportunity. The DFW College Combine levels the playing field for all players. You just have to take the "Risk", like the players in the photo.

Anyone who is serious about playing college soccer and earning  
 can not afford to miss this 

a degree can not afford to miss this opportunity.

There is a college for "EVERYONE".

Good Luck,

Coach Rodriguez

  6th Annual Fall Combine

    "Hosted by Arlington Soccer Association"

        Friday December 11, 2020

Girls: 5:00 to 6:30 / Boys: 6:30 to 8:00


                            Harold Patterson Sports Complex 

      1100 W. Wimbledon Drive

  Arlington, Texas 76017


              Phone: 469-826-5511 

       Email: stephanmrnike@yahoo.com