DFW College Combine

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Please make sure you register and pay online in advance, before the event deadline. We will create your player profile for all the coaches in attendance.

Please arrive "30" minutes before your event starts. In order for us to pass out the vest and get the teams set. We also need to go over instructions and get a quick warm-up.

Once a player has entered into the DFW College Combine, the player should then contact the coaches from our list they are interested in. By doing this, it alerts the coaches and they will highlight your name. So when the events begins they will see you first, before scouting other players.

Please feel free to contact other college/universities that you are interested in and tell them that you will be attending our combine. Our staff will be updating our coaches list daily.

Contacting coaches is a very important part of the process. Players want to know that coaches will be there and coaches want to know that there are potential players in attendance who are interested in their program. 

                                              AFTER THE EVENT

We will all come to the middle of the field. At that time all vests will be collected and we will check for any injuries. Then we will all walk to the coaches stations for question and answers. Parents are always welcome to join us at that time.

                                            DAY OF THE EVENT

Again!!! Please arrive "30" minutes before your event starts to check-in and pick-up your vest. Also, to sign an Athletic Participation Form along with a release to allow us take your child's pictures.

Although you register as an individual, once you are on the field you are with a team. Make sure you do your best during each game! Remember the coaches are looking for players not the team you are on. They also notice individual skills as well as team players.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, well rested and ready to play.

                                   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Who can I contact with questions about the combine?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Rodriguez via e-mail at stephanmrnike@yahoo.comor call 469-826-5511. Do not call Arlington Soccer Association.

When will we get a the schedule and team assignments?

Every player/parent will report to the front of the big white tent for check-in. At that point the participating players will be placed on his/her assigned team.

What does my son/daughter need to wear or bring?

Just have them wear something comfortable, just like going to practice. Make sure they bring shin guards and water.

I am a parent, can I watch the combine?

Of course, please bring your folding chairs and enjoy the show. We welcome you to stay and watch from the opposite side of the college/university coaches. Parents are not allowed on the fields or in the coaches tent.

When will I hear from the colleges/universities?

Remember the DFW College Combine is not a recruiting service. We are just a tool to bring college/universities and players/parents together, and hopefully find a connection. However, right after your childs session it is a great opportunity to visit with all the college/universities coaches in attendance. They will be very happy to talk to you.

How long will my son/daughter be at the combine?

​You should plan on being at the event for at least 2 hours

                                    WHAT IS A SOCCER COMBINE 

The DFW College Combine was started in the fall of 2015 to help both male and female high school soccer players get recruited into a college or university soccer program. As a retired Head Men and Women's University soccer coach, it has been my experience that most high school student/athletes typically enroll in a college/university within 1 - 4 hours of their home. It is because of this, the DFW College Combine allows players to play in front of colleges/universities coaches who are within that distance.

Before our combines, the only way to be seen by colleges or universities soccer coaches was to be part of a club team that traveled to showcase tournaments. The fees of a club team along with travel, hotel, meals and missing work/school to make the games on time, would cost the family a great deal of money and time.

What makes the DFW College Combine different from most showcase tournament is that all the players in the combine sign up individually. This separates the players that are serious about playing college ball from the ones that are just playing for fun. You are also not relying on the entire team to be available in order to participate. 

Our Combine uses "2" fields side-by-side with the coaches in the middle of both of them. This assures the college coaches catch every second of each games. When compared to a showcase tournament there is always a possibility that a coach may miss that one great move or game because he/she might be at another location watching someone else. With our Combine, the coaches never have to leave to watch another game.

Every college/university coach will get a "Coaches Package" with all the player information that was given to us during the online registration. So please make sure you enter all the information correctly